BNVD 1431 Mk2 Gen2+







The BNVD 1431 Mk2 system has gone through many improvements since its Mk1 predecessor was released.  Improved material, hardware, and waterproofing to name a few.  We are currently offering this system with Photonis & NNVT Gen2+ White Phosphor tubes.  These White Phosphor BNVD systems are one of the best values available today.

All of our NEW PRODUCTION units, carry a 3 year transferable warranty, include data sheets, and are ready to ship.  Photonis & NNVT Gen2+ tubes are some of the cleanest cosmetics we have seen at this price point.   These intensifiers use a Multi Alkaline photocathode.  All Photonis tubes are Auto Gated and retain a minimum of 57 resolution in high light environments.


  • Robust and durable design
  • On board IR illuminator
  • Fully articulating  pods
  • Fixed gain tubes
  • Adjustable interpapillary stops
  • Mil-spec standard Carson Pvs-14 lenses
  • Powered by a single AA battery
  • Auto shut off when in the stowed position
  • Battery pack compatible

Unit # 0649 WP Photonis Commercial Grade

Res 70/67, SNR 14.82/17.53, EBI .01/.05, Gain 9781/9765, FOM 1037/1175

We can custom build these 1431 Mk2 with any Elbit,  Photonis, or L3 Unfilmed Intensifiers.   If you have specific spec requirements just shoot us a message, and we will custom build you a set.  Conversions are available for existing RNVG, ANVIS, DTNVS, and KATANA systems too.












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Unit #

#0649 WP Photonis Com Spec Mk2

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