Echo White Phosphor PVS-14 (2000+ FOM)




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In stock and ready to ship. Every unit is over 2000 FOM!

PVS-14 2000+ FOM Photonis Echo gradeĀ 

  • Manual Gain Control (brightness adjustment)
  • Ultra Fast Auto-gated power supply
  • Built in Infrared illuminator
  • Powered by a Single AA battery (included)
  • Compact & Lightweight Monocular Design
  • PVS14-Spec Housing and Lens
  • 3 Year Warranty on the system, Lifetime on Labor
  • 2000+ FOM on every unit!

Unit #92914

SNR 31.89, Res 67, EBI .09, Gain 9038, HALO .79, FOM 2137

Unit #80154

SNR 26.50, Res 78, EBI .23, Gain 9007, FOM 2096

Tech Savvy Optics ECHO PVS-14

Photonis Echo grade image intensifier tubes are used to amplify low light level images in a wide light spectrum. Photonis offers a broad range of detectors largely based on microchannel plate technology, that provide both clear images and fast response times for superior detection.


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Unit #

ECHO #80154, ECHO #92914

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