YOTER-R 35 2x-8x Thermal Weapon Sight (Bering Optics)


Super Yoter R35 thermal weapon scope 2X base mag,12µm Vanadium Oxide (VOx) 640×480 core resolution with 50Hz refresh rate. Well suited for predator control or hog hunting.

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The SUPER YOTER R 35 Compact Thermal Weapon Sight features: advanced 12µm Vanadium Oxide (VOx) 640×480 core resolution, with 50Hz refresh rate that makes the scope ideal for predator control at short to medium range distances. This thermal scope has an optical magnification of 2.0x and digital zoom of 2X, 3X, 4X.

The scope comes standard with a reliable low profile Quick-Detach mount.  A LaRue Tactical® lockable mount is available as a upgrade.  The (SY-35) is Wi-Fi capable that allows media recording to mobile device (with required iOS or Android App).

There are 8 reticle patterns including 3 BDC reticles, along with four color options for each reticle pattern. The sight operation is controlled with three buttons allowing easy selection of the options. A unique adjustable stradia-metric rangefinder can be set to the height of the animals, thus increasing the overall usefulness of this feature. Other useful features of the Super Yoter R are a wide selection of the image adjustment options as well as the image background adjustment and calibration.

This is one of our favorite weapon sights for hog hunting with the perfect balance of size, magnification, and price point. 2x base mag @ 640 resolution is like having two scopes in one.  When you zoom in to 4x your resolution is a respectable 320 resolution.

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Larue Locking Q.D., Standard Q.D.