Rix L6 640 Thermal Weapon Sight $3799

We have been extensively using the RIX L6 in the field for a couple of months and it hasn’t disappointed us yet.  The ocular magnification is a breeze to use.  I simple twist of the dial and you have a large, clear and magnified image.  This is our go to thermal for predator hunting.  The battery life has been excellent even in single digit temps.

Call us today for the best value in a sub $4,ooo thermal.  940-442-8186

Equipped with a high-sensitivity infrared detector and advanced thermal imaging technology, it ensures clear visibility in challenging conditions such as rain, snow, fog, or darkness.
The LEAP series features a 30mm standard tube diameter for easy mounting and offers a range of features, including photography, video recording, automatic shooting capture, optical and electronic zoom, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), and a variety of reticle options. Experience the ultimate hunting companion with the LEAP series.

Our innovative design includes a zoom group comprising multiple floating lenses. By simply adjusting the position of this zoom group within the lens, we can change the focal length of the eyepiece, allowing for an altered visible range on the display screen. This means you can easily adjust the magnification of the eyepiece to adapt to the surrounding environment and get on target.