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PVS-14 Commercial Spec NNVT Intensifiers

  • Adjustable Gain Control (brightness adjustment)
  • Ultra Fast Auto-gated power supply
  • Built in Infrared illuminator
  • Powered by a Single AA battery (included)
  • Compact & Lightweight Monocular Design
  • Optronics Housing and Lens made in Israel
  • Excellent tube cosmetics
  • 3 Year Warranty on the system, Lifetime on Labor

Unit #781219 Autogated W/ manual gain.  Res 68/SNR 21.56 SOLD

Unit #781226 Autogated W/ manual gain. Res 68/SNR 22.25

Unit #781222 Autogated W/ Manual gain. Res 68/ SNR 21.67

Unit #781225 Autogated W/ Manual gain. Res 64 / SNR 23.19

Unit #782287 Auto Gated Tube XX5078 W/Manual Gain Res 64/SNR 21.03

Unit #782286   Auto Gated Tube XX5072 W/Manual gain Res 64/21.51 SNR

Unit #782285   Auto Gated Tube XX5071 W/Manual Gain Res 68/22.53 SNR

Unit # 782278  Auto Gated XX5076 W/ Manual Gain 68 Res/23.82 SNR



NNVT Gen2+ Auto gated image intensifier tubes are used to amplify low light level images in a wide light spectrum. NNVT offers a wide range of intensifiers  based on microchannel plate technology, that provide both clear images and fast response times for superior detection.

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ECHO U060273, ECHO W500777, Echo W510437

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